JUNE 24-26, 2022



This 3-day transformative retreat is specially created for women and those who identify as female who seek to define and express themselves authentically in this world. Within a safe and non-judgmental circle of sisterhood, the Wild Women Retreat - RISE! invites us to turn inward and explore the qualities of Summer mirrored in who we are as women.

By the end of our time together, you will deepen your understanding of the healing and restorative qualities of nature, rekindling your relationship with and renewing your sense of purpose and connection to our Earth Mother

Honoring the Season of Summer

Summer is the season of flesh. We delight in Sun’s heat, remove our Winter clothes and are in communion with the world through eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. Days grow long and light abounds. Sunflower opens her broad yellow smile and Lavender’s fragrance calms the heart. Like Garden reaching her fullness, Summer invites us to RISE! 

Summer manifested in human form is a carefree and spontaneous lover, fully at home in her body and in nature. With the aliveness of Coyote, Summer’s lover is an instinctual being, governed by heart. She unapologetically wants what she wants, and she wants it now. Cougar-by-the-tail fearless, she experiences life to the fullest. Shinning brightly, she stands fearlessly in her truth.

With Summer Solstice, Everything in nature blossoms into full potential. Fast flowing River releases the cleansing gifts of Snow’s melt, life giving and nourishing. The whole world working in common cause. To RISE!

Summer’s paradox is that same openness that moves us to rise also exposes us, opens us to being hurt, misunderstood, stung, devoured. Being heard and seen, like with the open-hearted mate-song of Robin also informs the Hawk. There is risk in coming alive. And yet, awaken we must, for without risk there is no growth. Now is the time for the gifts of the sacred feminine: unconditional love, cleansing, creation, and change to bloom. For the well-being of Earth and All Our Relations, RISE!

Blessed be the Waters

Summer’s element is Water, the blood-source of all life. Water comes in many forms: Rain, Dew, Oceans, Lakes, Creeks, Ponds, and Rivers. Water is the source of all growth. Water cleanses and heals. Water is life.

If we are to have a future on this beautiful planet, we must remember our sacred duty to tend to, protect, and bless Water. As Women, we share a sacred connection to the spirit of Water. Through ceremony and ritual, we will explore our role as Keepers of the Waters.

The 2022 Wild Women Retreat: RISE! includes activities in the following areas       

      Reconnection to self, others, and nature

      Exploration and embodiment of the archetype of the Wild Woman

      Medicine Wheel teachings

      Nature-based ritual and ceremony

      Trance drumming and spiritual journeying

      A Wild Women Dancing Freedom ceremony

      Sensory awareness and mindfulness practices

      Women's sharing circles

This retreat is experiential and includes both group work and time in solitude in nature. Individual experiences will be processed in small groups with the intent of supporting integration and learning. While there will be lots of time spent outdoors, the level of physical activity will not exceed the capabilities of most people. 


The fee for the retreat is $375 - $425 (+ $120 for food).  We have established a sliding scale in order to make this program accessible to a wider range of people. We have set forth no criteria and trust that each individual will pay what they are able. 


$150 deposit will secure your registration. Space is limited. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

  • Deadline for registration is: June 10, 2022
  • Maximum number of participants: 18 

Guides: Corinna Stevenson & Helen Pattinson

Workshop Location

The Wild Women's Retreat is held at beautiful Ravenwood Forest Camp located on 40 private acres bordering the crystal clear waters of the Salmon River in the Sayward Valley. The land features majestic old-growth forest, grassy meadows, and many species of edible, medicinal, and culturally significant plants. Visitors are graced with regular visits from a local herd of Roosevelt Elk, and the annual salmon run draws in wildlife of all kinds, including black bears and bald eagles.

Arrival & Closing

We will officially begin the retreat with an opening feast at 5PM on June 24. You may arrive anytime after 3PM to set up and settle in. Although we will be present to direct you to camping spots and answer questions, we will be busy prepping the retreat on that day. Please plan on taking care of yourself until that time. 

The closing ceremony will take place on the last day. You can expect things to be fully wrapped up by 4PM.


Ravenwood is a wilderness camp. There is plenty of space to pitch a tent. Participants are responsible for bringing all camping gear needed to stay warm and dry and for practicing leave-no-trace camping etiquette. You will have access to a bathroom and shower. 

For those who prefer less rustic accommodation, there are some options available in Sayward. Our days will start early and finish late. If you are choosing this option we strongly recommend staying nearby.


A basic and delicious vegetarian food package with non-dairy milk alternatives and gluten free bread is offered as part of your program. Dairy options and regular bread will be available too. Snacks, tea, and coffee will be available throughout the day. The cost of the food package is $120. 

If you have special dietary restrictions, please bring what you need to supplement what we offer.

Total cost for the food package: $120. 


Wild Women Retreat 2022
June 24-26, 2022
Sayward, BC


A retreat with Corinna and Helen is a subtle masterpiece.

If you are feeling like you are missing a feeling of connection or belonging (to yourself, others, or the natural world), or if you feel like you’ve forgotten what you are doing here, then this is probably the best thing you could do for yourself. Corinna and Helen create a sacred and safe space of listening and sharing, where you feel as though your true and beautiful self is clearly seen. With such pure and genuine love, lightheartedness, and ancient wisdom, Corinna passes on teachings that remind you of the magic of what it means to be human. Helen’s gift is how she is able to coax true soul out of our bodies in the expression of movement and art. Her authenticity completely dissolved my skepticism that I could gain anything from dancing with myself, and the discomfort gave way to a natural rhythm inside of me. The sacred council, the songs we sang, the laughter, and the lessons, all felt like missing pieces in my spiritual journey finally being found. The magical forest setting is a huge part of it too. Ravenwood is the gorgeous forest and river you’ve been dying to visit. The energy of the trees, the wildlife, the ancestral land adds immeasurably to the beauty of the experience. I would honestly say, if your heart is open, whoever you are, wherever you are at, the experience will be transformational. 

Rachel Boult, Artist & Medicine Woman

It started with tears. After a long journey, my soul carried feelings of pain and loss. When I came onto the land, Corinna and Helen greeted me with warmth and tenderness. When they opened the sacred circle, I could feel the ancient Grandmothers surround us and the spirits of the land embrace us. Then we journeyed together in the dark, lying on the earth covered with blankets, a circle of women. The drums quickened our spirits, as we dove into the other realms and were visited by beings of the night. Afterwards, we gathered around the fire to share our stories, receiving wisdom teachings from Corinna and Helen. Then we slept.

In the morning, we where summoned by sounds of drum and wolf call. I remember awakening to the stillness of the Big House and lying for a moment in the large open room. I get dressed, then pushed hard on the huge door, inscribed with a giant turquoise Thunderbird. I recognize something in this mythical being and continue on my way through the forest, out into the clearing, where many shining faces greet me. We began the day with our first ceremony- eating together! For the next three days, we will be learning the ways of the ancient ones, our wild woman ancestors.

Afterwards I would come away with many beautiful stories, deep healing, and a renewed desire to continue on my path of remembering the divine feminine. What a sacred gift! I would highly recommend this retreat to any woman on a healing path, looking to deepen her connection to the teachings of Earth and medicine of the wild woman sisterhood.

Jill Banting, Artist

This beautiful retreat changed my life for the better in 2015. Corinna Stevenson and Helen Pattinson are running it AGAIN! I can't believe it's already 2018 and the teachings I received are still at the forefront of my mind   .  I recommend it X1000!!!!!!! 

Johana Stark, Yoga Instructor

We highly recommend this retreat. It was a transformative experience in the woods of Vancouver Island! 

Allisa, We Are Wildness

 Wild Women Retreat - Awaken!

Sayward, Mid-Vancouver Island, BC: June 14-16, 2019
Cost $280-350  (+ food and accommodation)
$225 for returning participants (+ food and accommodation)