As an Earth-based healing practitioner, one of my practices for seeking healing and guidance involves drum journeying. The steady beat of a drum shifts brain waves into a theta state where a light, aware trance much like lucid dreaming is induced. While in this state, it is possible to receive intuitive messages which hold significant personal meaning. Drum journeying is a path of self-revelation, facilitated by sound. A way of communicating with your inner or spirit self and retrieving information. It is accessible to everyone.
When we meet, we will spend time forming an intent for your journey. Then, we may Journey to the Lower, Middle or Upper Worlds for guidance. These are archetypal worlds inherent to the collective unconscious, the common psychological inheritance of humanity. Drum  journeying may be undertaken for purposes of divination, for personal healing, to meet one's power animal or spirit guide, or for any number of other reasons. 
Before the journey, I will prepare you and answer any questions you may have. After the journey, you will spend time grounding and journaling. I will mirror back to you your experience, serving as a guide in interpreting the meaning of your journey. All sessions take place at beautiful Ravenwood. Weather permitting, we will journey outdoors, surrounded by the natural elements. A session typically lasts 90 mins.

Shawnigan Lake Home Office

Through the fall and winter months I divide my time between Ravenwood and our beautiful Shawnigan Lake. I am pleased to offer my services to you while I'm there. When you book online check my schedule book with Corinna in Shawnigan. 

Exchange: $90
To book an appointment, please contact me to schedule or click on the book appointment button and reserve your place online.