(A Self-Study Course)

Earth-centered ritual is a vital means of re-awakening our connection to the earth and promoting deeper sources of personal and environmental healing and action. It is a powerful element in human development and is essential in a nature-based healing path.

Nature-based Ritual and Ceremony focuses on the role and function of nature-based rituals and ceremonies for modern cultures. Emphasis will be placed on rituals and practices that help to reconnect people to authentic self, others, the land, and Spirit. 

Experiential learning is a key component of this course. You will be organizing, creating, and practicing nature-based activities, ritual, and ceremony.  

By performing weekly self-generated ritual, you will deepen your understanding of the healing and supportive qualities of ritual and nature on a personal level. And, by facilitating group experiences, you will expand your skills in creating, organizing, and leading transformative nature-based experiences for other people seeking wholeness and healing in their lives. 

We will use a practice based on a five-phase structure of 1) preparation, 2) severance: the leaving behind of an ordinary way of being for a non-ordinary experience, 3) threshold: entering sacred space, 4) return: ending the ceremony and returning to an ordinary way of being, and 5) Integration: the ripening and harvesting of the gifts of the experience. Each of these phases will be examined in detail.

This self-directed course will provide you with food for thought and offer practices to enhance your daily life and connection to nature. What you do with the material is very much up to you. You may be inspired to write or create in different ways. Or, you may simply engage in the activities with openness and inquisitiveness about what will emerge as a result.

*If you are new to the path of nature-based-healing, I recommend you begin with the course titled, Awareness and Mindfulness in Nature. 

Course Objectives

  • To foster a spiritual practice centred on connection to self, others, nature, and mystery. 
  • To develop an experiential understanding of the importance and power of nature-based ritual and ceremony in healthy relationships among human and non-human beings.
  • Develop confidence and comfort with the development and practice of nature-based ritual, for yourself and for others.
  • Understand, accept, and be willing to act upon your role as a leader of ceremony in a world that deeply needs it.