Ecology and the Soul 

(A Self-Study Course)

As the state of the biosphere grows ever more perilous and modern culture becomes increasingly alienated from the natural world, we believe it is critical that humans return to right relationship with the land. We manifest this conviction in part by guiding people toward an ecological identity based on a healthy Human-Nature relationship.

Working with nature as guide and mirror, Ecology and the Soul invites you to explore human nature through an investigation of Nature’s ways.

This course reviews fundamental concepts in ecology and explores their relevance to the human journey. Positive cultural change is the outcome of healthy individual development and with this in mind, Ecology and the Soul contains a strong personal growth focus. As a participant in this course you will explore fundamentals of ecology that can help you to understand how metaphors and images can either hold a framework in place, or stimulate the creation of a change in attitudes and behaviors.

This self-directed course will provide you with food for thought and offer practices to enhance your daily life and connection to nature. What you do with the material is very much up to you. You may be inspired to write or create in different ways. Or, you may simply engage in the activities with openness and inquisitiveness about what will emerge as a result.

Goals of this course include:

1.  To enhance your mindfulness and awareness practice in nature.

2. To sharpen your skills of observation and interpretation.

3. To expand your sense of imagination, aesthetics, and ethics.

4. To develop your appreciation of principles of ecology as they pertain to natural ecosystems

5. To deepen your sense of your personal ecosystem and how you engage with the world based upon this inner view.

*If you are new to the path of nature-based-healing, I recommend you begin with the course titled, Awareness and Mindfulness in Nature.