(A Self-Study Course)

To bring peace to the world, there must be peace within - Thich Nhat Hanh 

Welcome to Awareness and Mindfulness in Nature, Self-Study.

The phrase “peace within” implies that our own inner work must be done first if we want to help this world in which we live and love.

Practice in nature opens the heart to enlightened teachers. These teachers are not the human beings with whom we share our journey but are Other Teachers who come to guide us throughout our lifetime. Time sitting in meditation, practicing deep listening, finding inner peace and fostering deep connection with All Our Relations are core practices in Awareness and Mindfulness in Nature, Self-Study. As a student in this course, you will gain an understanding of what these terms can mean and develop specific practices to bring them into your life.

Every 2 weeks (for a total of 6 modules) you will receive an email consisting of content to read, a short video clip, experiential nature activities, and journaling prompts designed to help integrate your learning.

This self-directed course will provide you with food for thought and offer practices to enhance your daily life and connection to nature. What you do with the material is very much up to you. You may be inspired to write or create in different ways. Or, you may simply engage in the activities with openness and inquisitiveness about what will emerge as a result.

You will change as a consequence of these practices. You will be more capable of seeing and taking positive action, and the world will mirror the changes in you.

This course is ongoing throughout the year and participants may register any time.

The practices shared in this course are foundational. If you are thinking of taking any of the other self-study courses, I recommend you complete this one first.

Course Objectives

Through this course you will:

1.            Understand the dynamics of awareness and mindfulness in the activities of daily life.

2.            Become more relaxed within the experience of ambiguity, that is, within your ability to recognize and accept verbal and felt contradictions, and to be more open to unpredictable situations without personal agenda.

3.            Gain clarity about your patterns of thought and habitual styles of engagement that enhance or impede your ability to work effectively with others.

4.            Cultivate practices and skills, through connection with the natural world that will support your awareness and mindfulness.

5.            Develop skills for being in the present moment, both for your personal development and for authentic engagement with the world.