Dragonfly Healing's transformative Wild Women Retreats are specially created for women seeking to define and express who they are authentically in this world. Working with nature as guide and mirror, you will be invited to explore your inner self through nature-based practices. By the end of our time together you will have an inspired understanding of who you are and your place in the world. You will deepen your understanding of the healing and supportive qualities of nature, rekindling your relationship to self and renewing your connection to the Earth and our other-than-human relations.


AUGUST 24-28

Sayward, Vancouver Is


It started with tears. After a long journey, my soul carried feelings of pain and loss. When I came onto the land, Corinna and Helen greeted me with warmth and tenderness. When they opened the sacred circle, I could feel the ancient Grandmothers surround us and the spirits of the land embrace us. Then we journeyed together in the dark, lying on the earth covered with blankets, a circle of women. The drums quickened our spirits, as we dove into the other realms and were visited by beings of the night. Afterwards, we gathered around the fire to share our stories, receiving wisdom teachings from Corinna and Helen. Then we slept.

In the morning, we where summoned by sounds of drum and wolf call. I remember awakening to the stillness of the Big House and lying for a moment in the large open room. I got dressed, then pushed hard on the huge door, inscribed with a giant turquoise Thunderbird. I recognize something in this mythical being and continue on my way through the forest, out into the clearing, where many shining faces greet me. We began the day with our first ceremony- eating together! For the next three days, we will be learning the ways of the ancient ones, our wild woman ancestors.

Afterwards I would come away with many beautiful stories, deep healing, and a renewed desire to continue on my path of remembering the divine feminine. What a sacred gift! I would highly recommend this retreat to any woman on a healing path, looking to deepen her connection to the teachings of Earth and medicine of the wild woman sisterhood.

 Jill Banting


Courtenay, BC


AUGUST 24-28

Sayward, Vancouver Island

A 5-day personal transformation retreat specially created for women seeking to define and express who they are authentically in this world. Through Dancing Freedom, sensory awareness, and ritual you will tend to your inner fire and manifest authentic self.


Wowwzza -  Amazing weekend with my fellow Wild Women. Thank you, Corinna and Helen, for your wonderful support and leadership in this unfurling of the soul. So grateful to have made these connections.  - Lacey River

Feeling nourished and refreshed from a magical Wild Women weekend. Gratitude to the forest, river, animals and women that held space for me to transform and open. Thank you to Corinna and Helen for facilitating the retreat magic. - Alissa Wild

Thank you for the laughter, tears, gentle silence and wild dancing. This is where I feel most at peace.  Thank you for speaking your truth, dancing your authentic dance and turning up exactly as you are. You inspire me.

I keep getting flashbacks of us dancing in the forest, under the stars and the New Moon, howling like wolves and laughing in the flickering firelight. THIS is what it is to be alive. - Helen