The Vision Quest 

June 19-28, 2020

For years, copying other people I tried to know myself. From within, I couldn't decide what to do. Unable to see, I heard my name being called. Then I walked outside. 


Each of us comes to this world with a destiny. Along the way, fate intervenes, and we find ourselves at a crossroads. During these times, it’s common to feel an urgency to re-examine priorities and how we want to live the rest of our lives. 

The Vision Quest is a ceremony of confirmation, initiation, and integration that serves as a guide to remembering your true and essential nature. It’s a time of solitude, supported by appropriate ceremonies, dedicated to seeking a vision that will enhance the meaning and direction of your life. There is an element of risk consisting of four days and nights alone in a natural place (solitude), fasting (emptiness), exposing yourself to the elements (vulnerability), and self-reliance (self-trust). You can expect to invest a good deal of time watching yourself and your relationship to the Earth and the rest of humanity.

You will prepare your own circle, take responsibility for your own well-being, and experience a multitude of emotions and feelings as you proceed. Those who seek deeply will find ancient mysteries of self-transformation: mysteries of clarity, of self-reliance and faith, of dying and rebirth. By revealing itself as a mirror to life experiences, nature becomes the teacher and serves as a catalyst for transformation. It’s as if the Earth speaks, making visible the previously unseen. Bear becomes a symbol for inner strength, Tree reminds of our inner resources, and Sunrise is a new beginning. These images act as guides that inform us of our desires and invite us to act accordingly.

The Vision Quest is a ceremony that reveals your unique gifts and asks that you share them. Given the dire cultural, political, and environmental problems that currently threaten the world, we are all at a crossroads. What’s required is that each of us live a life imbued with purpose and meaning, and that we share our unique gifts in a meaningful way that serves the Earth and the greater community of all living beings. How we emerge from this time of transition and what the future holds depends on who we become. The Vision Quest helps us to know who we are and what is meant to happen through us so that we can be the elders the next generation needs. 

The Exchange

The fee for the Dragonfly Healing Vision Quest is $840 - $1125 (Sliding scale)

The exchange is for instruction, teachings, and guidance before and after your time of solitude. It also covers expenses including facilities and site upkeep/rental, property & liability insurance, supplies, and travel expenses. It is what enables me to continue to offer this experience to those who are called to it. There is no fee for ceremony that takes place during this experience.

A note on gifting for ceremony 

It is customary to offer a gift, above and beyond the monetary exchange for the program, that expresses your respect and gratitude for the ceremonies being shared and for your guide, and that reflects an understanding of the value of the wisdom being shared. If you are unsure about what to gift, ask. I'm always grateful to receive something I need and/or can use. Food that I can freeze and dip into from time-to-time is always appreciated as are items that I need for Ravenwood. Skills or a trade that you can share with some of our projects are a great contribution. People sometimes ask how I feel about an additional cash gift. It is not necessary but if that feels good to you it will be received with gratitude.


A $250 deposit will secure your registration. Space is limited. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

Participants are responsible for their own camping gear and we will share responsibility for food. Part of your preparation will include instruction and guidance on what to bring.

Deadline to register for this June's Vision Quest: March 21, 2020

Formal preparation for the Dragonfly Vision Quest begins at least three months before you go out on your Vision Quest. During this period, you will be preparing yourself physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally for your time on the land.The tasks you will be asked to complete are not trivial, and you must give them the attention they (and you) deserve. It is vitally important to the depth of your experience that you give yourself this time. It may be appropriate for you to begin preparing now for a Vision Quest that will not take place for some time. As one friend said, “I spent four days on the hill. It took me five years to get there.”

When you contact me, we will set up a time to meet and discuss your intent. During this meeting, you will also formally request my guidance with an offering of cloth and tobacco. If we are unable to meet in person, other arrangements will be made. After this formality, you will submit your deposit and I will send you information on what to do to begin preparing. There will be a number of tasks, practical and ceremonial you will need to complete before you arrive. You will receive regular email communication and instruction/guidance from me regarding these tasks. 

Your 10-day ceremony involves three days of preparation, four days and nights of solitude and fasting in the forest of Ravenwood, and three days of incorporation before you return home. Ravenwood is located in the Sayward Valley, on 40 acres of private property bordering the Salmon River, on the territory of the Laich-Kwil-Tach and Komox People

Minimum age: 19 years, unless special permission is given.

Maximum number of participants: 6

Minimum number of participants:  4

If the minimum number of participants is not filled by the deadline to register, your name will be kept on file for next offering of Vision Quest dates. 

If you are interested in participating in this ceremony, please contact me directly: