September 11 - December 17, 2016

(An online course)

Life transitions are a natural part of the human journey. When significant changes occur in the life of a human, making sense of existence can be challenging. Change always results in a shift in consciousness but processing it in a meaningful and holistic way is what results in transformation. Through the study of contemporary rites of passage and the traditional Haudenosaunee teachings of the Human Journey, The Human Journey and Rites of Passage explores the role that contemporary nature-based rites of passage play in helping people navigate life transitions. 

As a participant in this course you will develop:

  • An understanding of the Human Journey and the role that life transitions play in personal development.
  • An understanding of the structure of rites of passage.
  • An understanding of the role that nature plays in transformative experiences.
  • Life-long practices, skills, and capacities that foster connection to self, others, and nature.
  • The capacity to design self-generated rites of passage ceremonies.

There is a prerequisite for this course:
Nature -Based Ritual & Ceremony



Guides: Corinna Stevenson & Wes Gietz

Course Elements

On-line course discussions via Google Hangouts

Conversations will occur once per month, starting in September, with the last conversation occurring two weeks after the course end date (A total of 4 conversations, approximately 90 minutes each).  Dates for these conversations will be scheduled with two-weeks notice. 

Threaded Email Discussions 

In addition to video conversations, you will be expected to participate in e-mail threaded discussions. Here you will engage in interaction with other participants, sharing insights from assigned readings and responding to questions posed from your mentors. 

Experiential Exercises

a) You will be assigned experiential nature-based exercises to do on your own. They are designed for you to explore your relationship to nature and rites of passage. You will write reflections and thoughts about these exercises and submit them via email to your mentors. 

b) You will create and participate in a 24 hour self-designed rite of passage. A journal is to be kept to document your intent and process, as well as your sense of the effect or impact of this ceremony. Specifically, this ceremony will support your personal human journey.

To Register

Write a 1 page (approximately 250 words) paper describing your reasons and intentions for taking this course. Take this seriously. Our experience is that the more clear you can be now about your intentions, the more present you can be for what is available to you during the course. Email your paper (Word attachment, please) by September 9th to Corinna: and Wes: and complete your registration at the link below. As this is an online course, please ignore the section pertaining to food and accommodation.

  The Human Journey and Rites of Passage

September 11 - December 17, 2016 
Cost $140.00