A Wilderness Solo for Men

May 21-25, 2020

We are living in a time of great uncertainty and upheaval. Within this change-time is the potential for transformation. For the benefit of ourselves, our families, and all of life, it is critical that men recognize the courage within themselves to examine notions of manhood and how they are being called to evolve in meaningful and life-protecting ways. 

This retreat will invite you to ask “Big” questions about what it means to be a connected human. “Who Am I?” “What do I live for?” “Who are my people?” “What does it mean to be a man in the world today?” and “What am I working towards?” Bold, fiercely alive questions that require each of us to make a stand for what we love, serve, and are committed to. 

By the end of our time together you will have an inspired understanding of who you are and how to go forth reclaiming your place in the world. You will deepen your understanding of the healing and supportive qualities of nature, renewing your connection to the Earth.

This retreat is experiential and includes both group work and time in solitude in nature. Individual experiences will be processed as a group with the intent of supporting integration and learning.

The wisdom of Earth and human essence will inform our work, allowing us to weave our collective experience into a form appropriate to our time, place, and needs. Within the container of the ceremony and guidelines of safety, your experience will unfold in unique and rich ways. Our role as Guides is to hold the ceremonial container so your experience can go exactly where it needs.

What You Will Learn

• How to prepare and set up for a 24-hour solo, including risk management considerations,

• The Way of Council: A practice of open, honest, and heartfelt communication,

• Personal empowerment,

• How to tend to personal healing and bring leadership gifts to your communities,

• How to foster connection to nature and community,

• Strategies, including nature-based sensory and awareness practices, that support continuing personal growth

In addition to what you will learn you will be invited to participate in a sweat lodge and pipe ceremony.

 Your Facilitators

Corinna Stevenson; B.Ed., MATP - Ecopsychology

Corinna is the creator of Dragonfly Healing. For over 16 years she has been guiding people through personal transformation in wilderness settings. An exceptionally talented soul guide, writer, and medicine teacher, Corinna brings much heart, wisdom, and integrity to her work. As an aboriginal woman of Métis descent, she weaves traditional cultural teachings and Earth-based shamanic forms into her spiritual practices. She is a wonderfully grounded and deeply inspirational person who holds the tension between lightness and darkness with grace, humour, and love. Corinna is caretaker of Ravenwood and the healing relationship she has with the land is truly remarkable to witness. Through her personal journey with multiple myeloma, a plasma cell cancer, Corinna also guides cancer initiates and people in relationship with grief and loss through their unique healing journeys. Corinna is genuinely gifted at inspiring personal growth and love and respect for nature. Her immense respect for the natural world and her well-founded belief in the unlimited potential of humans are themes that characterize all her work.

Corinna holds a Bachelor's in education from McGill University and a Master’s of Arts in transpersonal psychology with a concentration in ecopsychology from Naropa University. She has also completed masters level clinical counselling courses in counselling theory, family systems therapy, group therapy, and research methods. Corinna has trained with the Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy and is a recipient of the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Corinna is a level 3 Reiki Usui practitioner and is a shamanic drum practitioner. She is also a recognized facilitator of Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects 

Wade Smith, MMM, CD

Following more than 20 years as a deep-sea diving, bomb-disposal technician, Wade founded Brisance Coaching and began a rich and insightful path of personal healing, transformation and growth. At his core essence, Wade shows up as a progressive leader who incorporates vulnerability, humility, joy, vitality, connection, heart and love into all he does.

Wade is a highly decorated leader who holds military commendations and is Invested into the Order of Military Merit, an honour bestowed upon no more than one-percent of 1/10th of the entire Canadian Forces. Wade lived several years intensely focused and goal-oriented with two top-ten finishes at the Canadian Death Race, an impressive debut at Ironman Canada, and an overall win at the coveted Army Mountain Man Competition. After a career-ending and life-slowing impact with a Buck (yes, a deer) in 2013, Wade realized the hollowness of chasing the next and the next and the next, and now shares his unique perspectives as a seasoned combat veteran and athlete who’s personal transformation has opened his heart to his true self, Deerheart. Wade shares his personal experiences with PTSD in hopes of helping others, and currently apprentices as a guide under his good friend, teacher, and Métis sister, Dragonfly (Corinna Stevenson).

Wade is a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching and is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). He is presently completing a Master’s Degree in Global Leadership from Royal Roads University and holds a Graduate Certificate in Professional Communication Management. He founded the men’s group ‘Men on Fire’ and speaks on his passion: empowering women, and engaging men to empower women.

Workshop Location

Tending The Fire Within is held at Ravenwood, located on 40 private acres bordering the crystal-clear waters of the Salmon River, in the Sayward Valley. The land features majestic old-growth forest, grassy meadows, and many species of edible and culturally significant plants. Visitors are graced with regular visits from a local herd of Roosevelt Elk and the annual salmon run draws in wildlife of all kinds, including black bears and bald eagles.

Workshop fee

The fee for the retreat is $600 

The exchange is for instruction, teachings, and guidance during the retreat. There is no charge for ceremony. The exchange also covers expenses such as food, land rental, supplies, and travel expenses. It is what enables us to continue to offer this program to those who are called to it.

A $100 deposit will secure your registration. Space is limited. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

The balance of your program fee is due before you arrive.

Accommodation, Food, and Equipment

You will be tent camping for the duration of this retreat. We ask everyone to come prepared to live self-sufficiently. You will need to bring shelter and clothing suitable for a full range of inclement weather. 

When you register you will receive a welcome package containing information including what to bring and how to get here. The week before your arrival we will send an email to organize food and meals.

Making a payment

If you do internet banking, you can send money directly from a bank account. All you need is your email address, access to online or mobile banking, and our email address: dragonflyprograms@gmail.com . This is our preferred method of payment.

For more information on sending an email money transfer go to this website: https://www.interac.ca/en/interac-etransfer/etransfer-faq

If you’ll be paying by Cheque, please make your cheque out to CanAdventure Education and send it to:

460 Skogan Road, Sayward, BC., Canada, V0P 1R0