Online Courses

In collaboration with Wes Gietz of Windwalker, we offer on-line ecopsychology and personal development courses that can be taken from anywhere in the world.

Self-Study courses are for anyone wishing to complete the course on their own. Every 2 weeks for the duration of these courses you receive an email containing content to read and activities to complete. The course will provide you with food for thought and offer practices to enhance your understanding of the topic.

These courses are ongoing throughout the year.  You can register anytime.

Enriched Study courses address the same topics as the self-study courses but in addition, you will participate in threaded e-mail discussions responding to questions posed by your instructor and other participants. The intent of the threaded discussions is to provide support and feedback, and to answer questions that arise.

There is a registration date and schedule for these courses, and participants are expected to meet the course timelines.

You can expect to devote at least two hours per week to the course materials and communications, plus the time you give to the course activities.

Students in the Windwalker Dragonfly Guide Apprenticeship are required to registered for this option.  


Dragonfly Healing is pleased to offer online courses that people can take from anywhere from the world.

Please click on the links below for this year's offerings:

Awareness & Mindfulness in Nature

 - Enriched Study(Sept.3-Dec.16, 2017)

- Self Study (Register anytime)

Nature-Based Ritual & Ceremony 

 - Enriched Study(July 30 - November 4, 2017)

- Self Study (Register anytime)

Ecology and The Soul

 - Enriched Study(Oct. 2 - April1, 2017) 

Self Study (Register Anytime)