On the Edge: Inspiring and Empowering Youth in Nature

May 29-June 2 & June 4-8, 2013

On the Edge: Inspiring and Empowering Youth in Nature, is about guiding youth positively and effectively. It provides a safe, collaborative environment in which powerful questions will be asked, techniques for mentoring, guiding, coaching, and facilitating will be outlined, and experiences from a wide variety of backgrounds will be shared.

This workshop, held in a beautiful natural setting on the edge of civilization, is designed to provide the place and time to connect and associate with others of diverse backgrounds but with a similar passion – working with youth. It is our goal to impart knowledge, share wisdom, and explore new possibilities and perspectives that will guide and empower today’s youth by offering experiences, knowledge and skills that have lifelong positive impacts.

It is our belief that holistic education plays a critical role in establishing a solid foundation for a fulfilling life. Holistic education is characterized by thinking that takes into account the meaning and the implication of our actions. It develops a depth of knowledge enriched by an understanding of systems and how one action can impact the whole. It connects young people to their world, their role therein, and their responsibility toward contributing to a sustainable future.

We are happy to offer two sessions. Sign up for one or both:

Session 1: May 29-June2, 2013

Wilderness Therapy 

Therapeutic Nature Activities


Communication Strategies

Contemporary Rites of Passage

Session 2: June 4-8, 2013

Experiential Education

Adventure Leadership

The Natural Learning Cycle

Coyote Mentoring

Community Building Strategies 

 Participants will be offered a 24-hour solo experience

For more information contact: dragonflyprograms@gmail.com

This program is run in partnership with CanAdventure Education.

Exchange: $500.00 + GST per 5 day workshop (includes meals and camping fees) 

Scholarships and work exchanges available