Each of us comes to this world with a destiny. Along the way, fate intervenes, and we find ourselves at a crossroads. During these times, it’s common to feel an urgency to re-examine priorities and how we want to live the rest of our lives. The Vision Quest is a ceremony of confirmation, initiation, and integration that serves as a guide to remembering our true and essential nature.

It’s a time of solitude, supported by appropriate ceremonies, dedicated to seeking a vision that will enhance the meaning and direction of the seeker’s life. During this time, the quester gives up shelter, physical comforts, food, and the company of other humans. By revealing itself as a mirror to life experiences, nature becomes the teacher and serves as a catalyst for transformation. It’s as if the Earth speaks, making visible the previously unseen. Bear becomes a symbol for inner strength, Tree reminds of of our inner resources, and Sunrise is a new beginning. These images act as guides that inform us of our desires and invite us to act accordingly.

Given the dire cultural, political, and environmental problems that currently threaten the world, we are all at a crossroads. There’s no single political movement, belief system, or think tank that can save us. What’s required is that each of us live a life imbued with purpose and meaning, and that we share our unique gifts in a meaningful way that serves the Earth and the greater community of all living beings. How we emerge from this time of transition and what the future holds depends on who we become. The Vision Quest helps us to know who we are and what is meant to happen through us so that we can be the elders the next generation needs.