It has been a long, cold, grey winter. Sometimes, it feels as if I am wading through a thick fog, unable to see the horizon. In these moments, tending the fire takes on deeper meaning. Beyond keeping me and my family physically comfortable, entering into relationship with fire reminds me that with death there is rebirth. Fire is a transformer and the spark of life. These teachings contain the wisdom that darkness is not a permanent state and the fire of my heart is rekindled.

The seasons are shifting. I feel it in my bones, I smell it in the dirt, and I hear it in the bird and frog song. It is as if they are singing the seeds awake. Slowly, all of Nature is coming back to life. The signs are everywhere.

Today, for just a moment, there will be perfect balance between light and dark.Those of you who have spent time with me here will remember the medicine wheel. Every Spring I spend time uncovering the stones and cleaning the space. As I engage in this ritual and move through the four shields I contemplate the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental dimensions of my being. I ask myself if I am dancing the wheel and consider which parts of myself I have been neglecting. I reflect on how to manifest each shield in a way that is authentic and in service to All My Relations. When I am done, I feel like a seed ready to burst forward from the ground with new inspiration.

Nature is a mirror that reflects back the ways that we are, or are not in balance. As Spring sings itself into being I am curious to know if you are in balance. How do you nurture balance in your life? How is Spring inspiring you?

This Spring I am offering two workshops that foster deep connection with Nature and Self. If you are interested in this type of work, please consider attending All Are Our Relations and Nature as a Mirror. Registration for these workshops is currently open.

Wild blessings and a full heart.